Surf Yoga, Success among the Famous, Burns Calories and Improves the Balance

Have you ever thought about taking a risk in surfing or paddling on a surfboard Stand Up? How about mixing these extreme sports with all the mental and physical relaxation of Yoga? That’s exactly what propose two new modalities that have turned success among the famous: the Yoga Surf and Stand Up Paddle Yoga. Into the sea or in the academies, these activities strengthen muscles, improve focus and to help to eliminate the extra calories.

Surf Yoga, Success among the Famous, Burns Calories and Improves the Balance

Surfing Yoga arose from the desire to bring Yoga to all everyday activities, and the Union of practice with nature has strengthened even more the idea. “Why not do it? In the summer you can do in the water and, when it gets cold, you work with the Board in the gym, “says coach Carla Ximenes, the Academy Bio Rhythm.

The 90-minute class brings benefits to the region, strengthening core muscles of the abdomen and legs. “Ode to burn up to 500 calories per 90-minute class, in addition to balance and increase the focus and attention, since you need to pay a lot of attention in the body so that it cannot fall down. You have to disconnect completely from the rest, “he explains.


With a duration of 90 minutes, the class can be made by anyone, including by who just recover some muscle injury. All the students practise the same movements of yoga, what will change is the difficulty of balance: “for a beginner is done on Board supported on the floor, which also needs concentration because of oscillation of the plank, the intermediary has two bosus (platforms functional that resemble a ball) under the Board and the advanced just a bosu downtown “.

What to bring to class? Carla ensures that only the light clothes and a lot of willingness to pay my dues. “Is an activity that integrates all the people, the body and the mind, and you don’t need a previous preparation. Starts the sitting postures, which are easier, then two up on one foot, a lot harder. You will in your rhythm, “she concludes.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Another sport that is making success among the famous is the Stand Up Paddle Yoga, practised in the lakes and in the sea. The practice is very similar to Surf yoga, with the difference to be performed directly in the water: “the ground we do just a stretching and show students how to catch the oar and how to do the Yoga movements correctly. After that short time we’re going in the water, “explains the athlete and instructor Bianca Guimarães, from SUP Brazil Yoga.

Just as in the Surf yoga, anyone can practice, even those who do not know how to swim and want to have a first contact. “Beginners have a preparation, separated the group lessons. At first, they will have more basic yoga postures, sitting, to find the point of balance of the Board. From the fourth period spent for movements in walk”, explains.

The ideal Board for the class is larger than the common Stand Up Paddle, with a wider base, although nothing prevents you use a smaller model that you already have at home. “You don’t need a Board or special clothing. In winter it is common to use leggings and workout clothes more warm, but you don’t have to use rubber, because often the student without water”, he adds. Among the benefits, the expert highlights the stress relief at direct contact with nature, as well as the well-being and the creation of a body awareness.