See the Tips for Mount Looks Stylish and Comfortable for the Rock in Rio

The “Rock in Rio”, one of the largest music festivals in the country, starting this Friday (13). The event brings together a wide variety of musical styles, and people from all parts of the country. With a long list of shows, and the varying temperature, it is necessary to unite comfort, practicality and style to create a look that you don’t get in the way of this true musical Marathon. “The festivals are important showcases of demeanor. Comfort is essential, combined with charm and relaxation, that combine well with the mood and the spirit of the event, “says fashion consultant Mary Zhou, the Maison Maria Zhou.

See the Tips for Mount Looks Stylish and Comfortable for the Rock in Rio

Light and loose

To withstand the long hours in the city of Rock, it is essential to be comfortable, that does not mean a dull and zero glamour. “On the contrary, the fashion today is synonymous with comfort, style and versatility. The festivals are superinspiradores and people are more free to create looks bold and fun, “he says. Prefer trousers that don’t let you “locked”, which are fluid and light, or leggings. The shorts are also very welcome, but beware of short or too tight, that can bother you at the time that rest on the grass.

No cold

As September is the month that marks the beginning of spring, he’s usually a little interim winter’s chill with the Sun of the new season. Therefore, you must think about parts that will adapt well to both climates. “All the looks definitely should be seized with jaquetinhas perfecto or jeans and even heavy shirts and cardigans that are stripped and can be tied at the waist when not used”, indicates.

Feet prepared

Trust me, you don’t want to have that nagging pain in the feet in the middle of the day, so watch out for shoes that can give you blisters. “The styles are many and alternate between rocker, hippie, modern and casual. Valley use tennis, Bootie, boot, sneaker and shoes comfortable and resistant. Avoid sandals and flats, “advises.

Colourful And Extrovert

“The colors are all released! The more color better and bet on a variety of prints and textures to make look fun, bold and cheerful “. Don’t be afraid to combine various colors and abusing the “color blocking”, after all, this is the perfect time to dare.

Accessories released

The accessories need not be left out of this party, and you can complete your look. Fashion consultant Luciana Parisi, Senac Sets and information, gives carte blanche to the sunglasses, hats, scarves and bijoux. “Jewelry taken off, earrings, necklaces, bracelets can compose the visual. The scarf is a superversátil accessory because it can be used to sit on the lawn when the tiredness. If the heat is up, he can turn into a “bag” tying the ends, to keep the jacket or other parts, and if the Sun is too strong, it can also protect you “, teaches specialist.

For the bags, she remembers that the arms must be free, so small with long handle styles, to use crusade, or mochilinha are the best options.

Setting Up Your Look

Luciana suggests some combinations that promise to be successful:

Lightweight dress+jacket+leather scarf wrapped around his neck+boots+sunglasses+jewelry.

Printed t-shirt+overlapped Plaid Shirt+short skirt+short-barreled Bootie+several bracelets

Regatinha+skinny pants+neckerchief+Hat+bangles+high-top sneaker

Tap+short+cowboy boots+small bag with long strap+necklace+sunglasses

Be careful

As the Rock in Rio brings together a lot of people, you can never be too careful with your belongings. Try not to let money and cell phone released, preferring always the pockets that are your front. “Another tip is don’t wear jewelry, glasses and accessories expensive and, because you can lose them,” warns Maria.