My Impressions Joulik For C & the 2017

I went in & after my class C in the South and found that the release date for some stores of the city was yesterday and not today, as released in release earlier. They said that a lot was over, but I saw everything in the store, some low, some in large amounts.

The hand-embroidered pieces, like the jackets all in sequins, parts in jeans as jackets and shorts and some sweaters, had the tag indicating. Wash t-shirt with both paet is more chatinho, requires hand wash with neutral SOAP and a larger care-always good to remember this function!

In fact, this is a good collection to think before buying: shine is gorgeous, it’s glamour, is life, but, actually, I only use once a year my paet parts – love shine, but think of cost-benefit and in our style, don’t just buy because everybody is buying be smart with green and with excess clothes in this big world and the way they were produced.

I got the t-shirts to prove it – I have a previous collection of them – and I thought the mesh (viscose) bemmmm thin and soft, not like Scored enough in the body and that makes the play more susceptible to damage. The embroidery were very nice, especially the Disney line, but the fabric didn’t do my head.

I was anxious to see the pieces in paet (I also have the Sweatshirt of planets in the first collection), but one has to take extra care proving, right, people? The parts are inherently more fragile and I know a lot of people with proof that: But, overall, I haven’t seen any piece with paet bucketing down, just a few beads missing.

This bomber was beautiful in the picture, live was nice but I’m not snatched. These parts grow much in the photos and that is too interesting! This jacket was of velvet with sequins embroidery, without pockets, quite comfortable.

The big star was the R$499 jacket, embroidered by hand, too, but a lot of the Joulik parts, only costing 10% of value, almost! Beautiful, with wonderful design and color, for me was worth the whole collection. But is it, a piece that you don’t use too much, unless you love so much to go with her every day until the bakery, hahaha!

The jacket was all lined, finishes well executed, dressed well and had square brackets to close. I liked!

The black jackets and jeans also dressed super well – they have no spandex, which I think is good to leave them with more structured and elegant appearance. Are more expensive than last year’s collection ($ 350), on the hanger did not like the washes, but wearing I was surprised.

The big disappointment was the sequin legging. The lining just grabbed on leg, and as he was released from the tissue of sequins, the piece dressed super bad, well troncha. I couldn’t fix it. Anyone else been through this?

I have loved too the tricõs: the first, a very thin fabric and frail, saw several with snags. The second I found it too bulky, but there is a matter of taste.

The pants of the moment is the mommy jeans, that with high waist more sweet cheeks, and Joulik (R$129) wore well, just not into clear wash. I loved the phrase embroidered on the back of the bar.

The lurex trousers blue is quite comfortable and molenguinha, but is the same fabric of her blouse off, i.e. found too fragile, these pieces that can stick with ease. The blouse (R$79) and the black velvet legging with micro sparkles (R$99) were very nice, very beautiful and look different from the Velvet parts that we see out there, but the particles of brightness fell with ease. If you don’t mind spreading glares around, rs, beauty!

Finally (what I experience, whew!), this golden jacket embroidered by hand also. Well lighter than the colorful, dressed super well, but I’m afraid only the useful life of these golden rivets. The skirt is also in the collection of velvet in front, but behind schedule a bit.

The accessories were very nice, especially the holographic bag! I found the deusooo brightness, too beautiful, it cost R$149.

I love Joulik, but was divided in this collection. I found some really cool stuff, more or less, missed sequins extras that came in parts. I didn’t buy anything.

Who was checking? What do you think?