Meet The Coats and Sweaters That Will Be Hit in the Winter. And See Tips for Using

Winter begins on the day on June 21, and the lower temperatures are already felt by the whole country. The trends of the season are more than defined, and to stay warm without compromising style is just keep an eye on the parts, which combine functionality and charm.

Meet The Coats and Sweaters That Will Be Hit in the Winter. And See Tips for Using

Long And Straight

Coats up to the knee and with straight cut are nothing new in the female wardrobe, and there’s three collections they have dominated the displays. “Are very stylish and we’ll see even more going forward, in addition to a derivation of the model, the long vest. In addition to match any style of clothes, helps keep the body longer, “explains the fashion and style consultant Ana Valenzuela. To wear skirts, she remembers that the only care is to ensure that the two end items at the same time.


Another modeling that has appeared is the oval, well rounded and ending at the waist. Despite being trend, it takes a lot of care in time to wear: “she turns very the silhouette and may increase especially the waist and hip. If dress, opt for use with skinny pants or a skirt to dry, you can’t have anything with extra storage.


Cuts well cinturados are sure bet this winter, especially in the knee length. Versatile, Ana guarantees that can compose different looks without losing the sophistication, and are still considered democratic. “They value the female form, accommodating the natural curves and creating waist and soft curves who doesn’t have. Will wear well since the woman is overweight, disguising the belly until the rectilinear “, he adds.

Just like in straight cuts, dresses and skirts must end at the same point of the coat, or just before or after. “That’s going to leave everything very well balanced”, reinforces.


The tricôs are wildcards, and even losing a little strength when compared to past seasons continue to appear. This type of shirt is usually pretty casual, but with attention to detail you can use both for the day and the night: “the more open is the plot, more casual. With a small plot, well closed, with a touch of brightness, a good pants and some heels you have is aligned. ”

The large and heavy tricôs ask for the care of the increased figure, already involving the entire body and leave all the same size, especially for those who have the hips. “The ideal is composed with leggings or skinnys, which do not add volume and give a reduced on top. Shorts and skirts well short, aligned with the end of the coat, also do not give the impression of increase and still look good modern “, indicates.


The material is practically mandatory in winter, both in his pants and skirts as the jackets, which are more diversified than ever. “Has in all formats, from the long to the classic perfecto, in various colors and prices. When is straight or in court in a blazer can go to the professional environment, since it is ideal with shirt and slacks, “informs.


The tweed casaqueto, immortalized by Coco Chanel, is another classic that never goes out of style, and this time there are options for all tastes. “He’s in a lot of shops, in all prices and in many tissues, although the tweed and the tricôs that the issue are still prevalent. This model is very elegant and worth the investment, because it is a guarantee of use for always and at any time”.

The model wears well all formats of body, but if you have the top largest Council is seeking more crisp on the sleeve and shoulder: “who is inverted triangle can use the driest combining with a trouser or jeans flare. Remembering thatthe shorter is the easiest-to-use casaqueto under volume without increasing”.

Jeans Jackets

Icon of the year 1990, the denim jacket is back to stay, especially with double pockets, more flush with the body. “It is very democratic and finishing close to the bone of the pelvis involves all body and still stretches the legs”, he says.


You always thought Sweatshirt is clothes to stay home? So this year is going to be a great proof that’s not true. “He’s very strong, both with a footprint, which is very high, as the most sophisticated, with female modeling, applications of shine and income and a very large repertoire of prints,” says the expert.

Even though casual, the Sweatshirt may be perfect for the night, just choose models with bold details and compose with accessories and shoes that make your style. “It’s casual, but it’s not just for the day,” she concludes.