Julia Petit Teaches You How To Save And Combine Natural And Synthetic Leather Parts

Natural or synthetic, leather is the face of winter and let any more sophisticated and modern production. To end your doubts in choosing or conserve parts in the material, the DaquiDali spoke with the blogger and presenter Julia Petit.”I love leather pieces, they can be used all her life. Now, with this new ‘ecological’ or fake leather, was very cheap. Who couldn’t have before because it was too expensive can now, “she says. Check out the tips:

X True Synthetic

After all, there is a big difference between the synthetic leather and the original? “Most of my leathers are synthetic, because most of the pieces that I see are sintéricas. You no longer need to pay a fortune in real leather”, indicates Julia, stressing that many times the synthetic is softer than the original.

Saving The Pieces

As the material is sturdy, conservation is easy, but must be followed to the letter. “Natural or man-made, must be kept pretty clean. The good news is that the synthetic won’t dry out, he keeps elastic for longer, “says she. According to her, the original leather cannot be washed, something that does not occur with the fake. “Each has a specification of how to wash on the label, follow”, he adds.

For brighter parts, reminiscent of the vinyl, the hint of Julia’s not store folded and even put weight on. “It is necessary to take always care to keep hanging and away from other clothing of leather, precisely not to stick,” advises.

How To Use?

You’ve probably wondered if the leather pants are appropriate for the day, and Julia ensures that Yes. “I use a lot, I think that is a good substitute for the jeans, as for something more elegant. I have since almost legging, tightly, until regular pants and more Springfield baggy, “he says. She says that the secret of success is to think about leather pants like any other, and that the rule is the same: what would work with a common cut pants, work also for leather.

“I always like to make it very casual or elegant. I think it’s very sophisticated, you put some heels and gets very, very chic”, indicates. To work, the Council of fashion expert is not using the very righteous, unless your environment is tragically hip. “You can use without problems that pants has a more masculine or classic cut”, he adds.

If you are a little overweight, you don’t need to escape the leather pants, just make sure you don’t get glued, as with a normal jeans, and be careful with the texture. “Take care with the too bright, because all that glitters increases”, reinforces.

The tail also follow the same rule: the look should be thought of as if it were made of any other material. For the day and the work, Julia indicates the pencil, knee length, which is very versatile. “Already a mini I think it’s for the night, to a club or out with friends. Now emerged skirts more rounds, which are very nice too, “she concludes.