How to Work The Gem CabañEro Lytess, Leggings That Drain and Burn Fat

The elastic garment that you see in the picture is not one leggings any. It is one of the baptized with the name of Lytess and they are made in woven microencapsulated. What is that? A mesh that promises to reduce a size in 18 days. Introduced in Spain by Gem Cabañero, It’s the most cosmetic body contouring when it.

The secret is in the serum triple action that they have managed to encapsulate in Shea butter and it is attached to the fabric. Chafing the skin breaks the microcapsules, releases the serum and skin absorbs it progressively. So they enter the skin the active principles.

In the image above you can visualize how it works. The idea is very good, I have not tried it but if the results are promised, the vague as I in the application of body treatments We will have many temptations.

Although technology seems not have limits and surprises us daily with new inventions, the idea of microcapsules inserted in such tissue honeycomb strands is hard to digest. Its composition is 90% polyamide, 10% Spandex. It has tensor effect even if you do not press (this is important) and have set you millions of microcapsules per square centimeter. He had not heard of something so in my life.

There are three models: bib shorts, leggings, and pirates. As for prices, sports leggings range between €45 and €55. As all cosmetic treatments, should be constant: you must carry them for 10 days 8 hours daily. You may ask, if you wash them they annoy the microcapsules of serum? If you respect the wash by hand or machine to 30 °maximum, no. Not goals it in the dryer.

The active ingredients that contains are:

  • Forskolin and caffeine.
  • From ruscus and ginkgo biloba extracts.
  • Sichuan and buckwheat extracts.
  • Shea butter.

And their cosmetic properties:

  • Fat combustion
  • Drainage for better elimination
  • Antiacumulacion (triglycerides lock)

Not you surprised with two available sizes: 36-42 s/m and L/XL 44-48. A 36, 38 or 40? Of course. Reshaping the body isn’t considered plus-size preserve, all women are prone to the skin Orange and fluid retention. If the goal is to smooth skin, reduce volume and burn excess fat from thighs and hips, the Lytess must be available in all sizes. Now you need to test and verify. Did any of you try it?