Gulf Detail Lycra Leggings Transparent

Kendall Jenner is it pulls it. Yesterday it was seen walking with a friend in a spectacular Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Turquoise in the area of Melrose Place in Hollywood. The model stood and fell one point to share Chocolatier. The paparazzi pursuing her night and day fliparon to see her get off with a few leggings It had surprise.

Seeing her face, a little surprising as he had combined some black leggings with a beige sweater high neck leaving her navel to the air, some sneakers and, above, protecting from the cold a mouton striped jacket Green, white and black with the living and also black cuffs. Fix casual! I would say martyrdom.

For some time now this part have been trendy the sports leggings in lycra with reinforcements and transparencies. We have seen them is repeatedly to Melanie Griffith and SofĂ­a Vergara, and increasingly more sports brands are pointed to the trend. You have to look with hastag Track Yoga Leggings but the brand Onzie Power Legging, for example, you have them and they cost about $70.

Although it is not a garment suitable for everyone, we must recognize that Kendall will feel you of wonder, and the nod to girdle, although it’s a very Gulf detail, it has its puntin in a legs as fantastic as the small of the Kardashian clan. You are to get them to buy or you think that is a piece of gym?