Fitness Clothes:5 Tips to Get Well Dressed

Have you ever had doubts when buying your fitness clothes to train?

Ever wondered if it would be better for black or printed pants ?

So here are some tips for you not to err at dress time to go to the gym .

Knowing what to wear when going to the gym is essential.

The gym clothes offer the most diverse possibilities, but many people go wrong in the combinations and the look is very exaggerated for that occasion.

Of course, the idea is to always be comfortable above all else , but also true to your style and especially the gym clothes should motivate the care with the body.

Gym clothes , should be chosen according to their taste and purpose, but must be taken into consideration the body that will enter them.

For example, girls who have thick legs and would like to appear longer legs are not recommended to wear clear leggings, opaque and glossy, as they leave even more bulky.

Those who have a tabloid body can use prints combined with neutral colors to enhance a charm.

But, above all, pay attention with the clothes that mark a lot, especially groin and hips, as they can leave your look very vulgar.

Check out 5 fitness clothes tips to sweep the look at workout time:


– Those who have thin legs and want to value them, the legged prints should be used without restrictions, because they increase the volume of the body.

High on the market, floral prints, tribal, geometric and animal prints are viable options for those who want to take a little more risk and have confidence in the body.

As for the use of white leggings, be very careful, because you need to check the fabric to not be vulgar and transparent.

Prefer the leggings with jacquard textures, as they hide the imperfections and less mark the panties.If you do not want to take the risk, choose the darker ones.


The shorts, especially the open ones in the lateral one usually ask for women with legs longer and leaner.

For those who are slightly overweight it is not an ideal option because it increases the volume of the legs and leaves the visual inelegant.

Top fitness with tummy out

Fitness tops are good choices too for those who have small breasts.For those who have full breasts, it is important to invest in reinforced and fair pieces.

The cropped style top is pumping and is beautiful and versatile.They are usually longer and bring a different cut.You can wear it in the gym or in a casual look.We will try?


They value the curves as a whole and still sharpen the silhouette.My suggestion for the most basic is the black jacquard jumpsuit (pictured below).


Starting from below, it is always important to use them to protect your legs and warm your muscles in preventing inflammation, stretching, and cramping.

It is very fashionable socks that go to the knee over the legging, but for those who are overweight with thick legs this should not be an option.

For those who are a little shorter than normal, short socks are not very favorable because they shrink, so balance well the size of the socks to your height;

Fashion, even in the gym, is transformative!

In the same way that you feel safe when wearing a fatal dress, you will feel safe and motivated with proper sports accessories.

And if you feel more confident, your workout will be much better.

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