Fat Can? in Tights Emblazoned

Hello dear, I received several times a lot of lovely readers a text of an ass (excuse the word, boss!) that in addition to using a language coarser than mine, even managed to offend at various levels all women-not just the fat that he attacks so vehement in your text.

For those who have not seen, he says he feels personally offended and until your day becomes unhappy when you see a fat in tights emblazoned walking on the street.

I really think when you bother with a person you don’t know, you’re in serious trouble–and not the person dressed. I feel sorry for. Also delivery of the theory that if you care so much about something in another person, it is simply because that is the “defect” that you don’t like about yourself. That is, on many levels, this “b-logger” (which does not give the guys not real name)is a miserable both in the comments, as yourself.

Fat girls in tights stamped already, Yes! These I think the fairest. Contrary to what it says in the text, doesn’t like what he sees? Simple: look! I am in my right to wear leggings because I like and you are in the right to turn that head to the other side. I USE what FEELS GOOD and what makes me well today are those pants and the creepers (so criticized, poor thing). Didn’t like it? BEATS!

NOTE: I said I wouldn’t talk about this subject and who advised everyone to do the same. But as I received MANY messages about it, I thought I’d comment. But let me be clear that I am against the dissemination of the text of this blogger. I think spreading texts like him is a setback in our fight for democracy in fashion and in the fight for breach of standards.

Returning to the look, I don’t know how people do not touched even though legging is the most comfortable thing in the world! And I found this really cool, she imitates the skin of a snake and I don’t think you can see in the photo, has a bright effect which seems to be wet. Pure love.

The creeper is another sore subject in this post. I know that many of you find ugly. I don’t think the most beautiful shoe of the universe, but I think he’s cool. And, after buying my first, I found out that they are extremely comfortable. In fact, flirt the model before you even turn sets. A friend of producer of fashion and stylish mega (kisses, Issa Breeze!) is a huge fan of creepers and ever since I started working on GLOSS see her back and forth with them. I paid a stick, I confess! Hua hua

Oh! For those who don’t know, here in SP is a cold-blooded bastard, so the more overlapping blouse, best  That’s it, my people, no more talking, right?