Fashion Inspired by The Mountaineering Is Super Trend!Fashion Consultant Teaches You How to Use

Sports clothes are gaining more and more space on the catwalks and in the wardrobe of the famous. Last summer, for example, the clothes with fabric like the diving suits were super high and, this winter, the tendency of the time are thepieces inspired in the mountaineering. Second fashion consultant Danielle Ferraz, this cross between fashion and sport has been happening increasingly.

Fashion Inspired by The Mountaineering Is Super Trend!Fashion Consultant Teaches You How to Use

Comfort And Style For The Day To Day

Bet in this style can leave the ultra charming productions, but some care is needed. “The idea is to focus on inspiration only, not to get dressed. That is, use an element in this proposal to give a visual touch, “says the consultant.

To assemble a look with this atmosphere you can use just a few elements and is fully possible to bet in the style for all types of occasions, including at work. “If you work in an Office more relaxed, you can use a piece of tailoring with pockets, for example. Already in the off hours, a good way to adapt the tendency is to take advantage of the winter days for abuse of ponchos, tricôs and chamois, who are very into this style”, indicates the consultant.

For All Women

According to the consultant Danielle Ferraz, the body type makes no difference to “power” or “cannot” ride looks inspired by the tracks and look beautiful. For more fat, as well as the short, elongate the silhouette can help leave the body more harmonious.

“The ideal to fine tune the silhouette is to match the color of the legging with the boot.In addition, if bet even in jeans, wearing a sweater or jacket to go to the half of the hip, to elongate the torso “, guides the consultant. This effect can also be achieved with a jacket or a military jacket, whose court has everything to do with sets of mountaineering. To stretch the legs, she recommends the boots or boots from lower pipe, without half.

All tastes

The “mountain” is very democratic, despite being traditionally sport. “I think today the proposals are so many style and, as we always put some of our humor, not to mention the occasion, is difficult to define who combines more,” says fashion consultant.

Despite this, Danielle also explains that, one way or another, the style of the trails and mountains ends up being more used by women more detached and modern. “But nothing prevents the woman adjust and place a classical touch of this trend in the wardrobe, so I insist that what’s important is just to find the option for you!”.

Key parts: the pieces of yarn, which were already high, have everything to do with the style of the mountains. Are also with all the poncho, the multi utility jacket with many pockets, military-style. Among the stronger colors are yellow and red.