Fashion Fitness: Find Out What The Perfect Look For Your Aerobic Exercise

You know those minutes on the treadmill or bike Academy instructors recommend? They are an example of aerobic exercises and are also fundamental to wipe that annoying fat! For that, you need to be dressed appropriately: the perfect fashion is one that brings together comfort and style, especially when it comes to physical activity.And Yes, we have the ideal suggestion to look for you to run them in the best possible way.

Fashion Fitness Find Out What The Perfect Look For Your Aerobic Exercise

First, it is important to understand that the aerobics isn’t at academies. Are all those exercises that stimulate respiration and circulation of blood with movements that allow the body to consume much more oxygen.Running, walking and cycling are great examples, and you need to be with the right outfit to not harm your performance in any of them.

Piece By Piece

Because they are ‘free’ exercises is very important that you have stability and lightness on Stomp. These characteristics you find EVA INJECTtechnology, present in the midsole of the TRYON AQUAmodel, which combined with the rubber sole will provide more security to your movement.

For the legs, a legging that shapes and gives firmness. In addition to protecting the skin from possible attackers, as the rays of the Sun or mosquitinhos (if you opt for parks), also reduces the friction between a leg and another. On top, a top, ideal to give support and security to the breast, prevents moving and end up messing up the exercise.The finish is a light fabric shirt with zipper, allowing you to decide how much you want to leave it open tocontrol the heat or just make a style.

To take your personal belongings, a backpack, which has the perfect format to distribute weight equally, without burdening only one side of the body. The photo is the GLOSS of TRYON, whose fabric come clad with a resin that makes current and structured.

Colors But Not Both

In this look, black was the favorite in his pants, top and the t-shirt. Fortunately, a “little black dress” falls very well! Here, the color was only broken by the poás (polka dots) and Backpack White by mixing blue with lime green present in tennis.