Chiara Gadaleta Elects Three Essential Parts for the Summer and Teaches How to Use Them

On the stage of the program Eliana this Sunday (11), the fashion consultant Chiara Gadaleta shows how to turn tissues into amazing accessories. Turbans were submitted, bracelets, colores. Add-ons for the woman to be more beautiful and stylish next summer. But what to wear from cool in the hottest season of the year? The DaquiDali asked and the consultant listed three essential parts for you rock that heat. Want to know what they are and how best to use them? See the tips below.

Chiara Gadaleta Elects Three Essential Parts for the Summer and Teaches How to Use Them

Spacious and comfortable, the caftans are perfect to be worn with leggings, jeans and shorts. “On your feet, a creeping or femmes, with a jump, if the program is Nocturne,” he says. “The more stamped, the better. After all, our country is so colorful and they are beautiful in the summer, “says she and complete the piece combines with all kinds of bodies. “Just watch the length. Lower women must wear shorter models. If the legs are well cared for, enjoy the outfit to model them more often.”

Short Jeans

You know that old jeans that you both love and not lose for nothing in this world? Turn it into a short superversátil. “Always cut a little more” long one”, go trying the size not to miss at the time of passing the scissors and ready. If you want, bend the bar looks great, “advises.”Just watch him not to be too short. The short must be legal in your body, “says Chiara. Another tip is to bet on the model boyfriend (the one that looks like taken from the wardrobe of the boyfriend), “because it is spacious and comfortable. According to her, the piece fits on many occasions. “If we put with a Black Tuxedo, tuxedo, and a high heels can go to a party. With a shirt of paet, or a white shirt, can be used in a day. It’s a play that women can use in various ways”.

Today, this canvas shoe with sole of rope leaves his wife with a nice look and is the face of the summer. “He blends well with long skirt, short jeans and leggings. For most stylish productions, invest in models made with brightness. “You can customise, embroider some embellishments, like little pieces of crystals for evening wear, for example”. If you prefer something more clean, the consultant suggests the shoes without prints. “We have simple canvas sneakers that are superbonitas and are also in fashion”.