Britney Spears: Again With Leggings and Short Shirts

Britney Spears: Again with leggings and short shirt with David Lucado. As he would say his own song, “Oops, I did it again”.

And is that Britney Spears has gone back to the shopping choosing a look that could happen if it were to train rugby, because it has returned to fall into the temptation to wear tights, in this case pirates, wearing a short, orange, With the number 72, that is, the classic to go to support a football team. That yes, at least on this occasion has put aside the UGG boots and has bet on a beige sneakers, while it seems to go better combed than on other occasions.

The truth is that to comment on today’s style of Britney Spears, it is very easy to make the grace with his song “Ups, I did it again”, because if last week we said that it was wrong to wear leggings with a T-shirt Short, has done it again and with an even tighter shirt.

Once again he strolled through the parking lot of a shopping mall with his new boyfriend David Lucado, who seems to be his meeting place, since the last photos we have of the couple are always going to his car after leaving to make the purchase.

Well, the singer has chosen on this occasion pirate meshes, like those of Cameron Diaz a few days ago, but it is that the actress left the gym and Britney Spears seems at best to watch a football game to support To some equipment, because in addition to the shirt, it seems that they have bought rubber sticks to cheer.

Going back to the shirt, if the one that looked a few days ago seemed inappropriate, today would have a pass if it had combined with jeans or shorts, for example, but this orange rugby model with the number 72 combined With mesh, we do not like it at all. Something

that has improved Britney Spears compared to previous looks is that she has learned to leave the UGG boots at home that combines everything, even with shorts, and has preferred the star shoes of the past seasons, such as sneakers, That we do not know if they will be Isabel Marant, but they appear in a beige color.

That yes, this time is better hairstyle than in his last appearances, since he has done a high ponytail, in conditions, with all hair thrown back and we were surprised that, for once, not wearing a huge sunglasses Covering her face.

Although she has improved a bit with regard to her look last week, Britney Spears should consider leaving the leggings with short shirts or tights, to get in shape and choose to go shopping, or a longer shirt or other Of pants